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Four main points of shelf design

May. 11, 2020

The first consideration is: the characteristics of the items stored on the shelf.

The shelf serves the goods, and the size of the goods determines the size of the shelf. The second thing we have to consider is the weight of the goods, in order to determine the materials used and the weight of the shelves. The third point is to choose different shelf types according to different storage units. For example, the unit uses pallets, storage cages, boxes, and the type of shelves used must be different.

The second factor to consider is: warehouse building structure.

The first thing we consider when doing shelf design is the structure of the factory warehouse. The main considerations here are: 1. The height of the warehouse, which determines the height of our shelves. 2. The position of columns and beams, which affects the overall placement of this shelf. 3. The bearing capacity of the floor, which affects the installation of the shelf and the load bearing of the shelf in the future. 4. Must consider lighting system and fire protection system.

The third consideration is: shelf accessibility.

The relationship between the storage of the shelf and the storage density is equivalent to the relationship between the fish and the bear paw. The general plan is actually a compromise of various factors.

The fourth point is the cargo handling equipment.

Handling equipment provides an important factor for warehouse efficiency. Usually warehouses are equipped with stacker trucks. This requires us to fully consider the stacker specifications and models when designing the shelf width.

The last point is: the amount of storage.

The volume of incoming and outgoing goods can measure whether the shelf type we have chosen is wasted. For example, some shelves have a good storage density, but the volume of incoming and outgoing goods is very low, which is a bit unsuitable.

The above points are what we need to pay attention to when designing the shelf, it looks very simple. But it is very important. It determines whether the shelf design is reasonable, whether materials are wasted, and whether it can meet our storage requirements.

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