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Galvanized gabion mesh

May. 21, 2020

The galvanized gabion net adopts the assembly method. The cover plate, side plate, end plate and bottom plate are separately produced and assembled into the cage. Each part is wrapped and bound with spiral steel wire. All the side wires of the cage are made of coarse wire to strengthen the strength of the gabion cage.

It is easy to process and transport. It can be bundled into various shapes according to the design requirements, and can adapt to the shape of hillside, beach and embankment.

What are the differences between galvanized gabion and welded Gabion

Galvanized gabion net is a new type of product relatively. Its manufacturing process is machined. The raw materials of the product are low carbon steel wire and Galfan steel wire, which have good tensile resistance. Generally, the tensile strength of Galfan steel wire is 350-520mpa.

It is more difficult to be broken than the ordinary steel wire. The product is more durable. The product is mainly used in a variety of ecological engineering, can be very good to prevent soil erosion.

The electric welded gabion net is to use the electric welding equipment to weld the iron wire into mesh pieces, and then do the galvanizing treatment on the mesh surface. After galvanizing, the electric welded mesh piece has the corrosion resistance, but the galvanizing process of the electric welded mesh piece is generally hot galvanizing, with good corrosion resistance, but its service life will be affected.

When many net pieces are assembled into net boxes and loaded with stone materials, they can be used in flood prevention, embankment protection and other projects. It is widely used. It is widely welcomed by users.

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