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Highway sound barrier how to maintain it to prolong life

May. 19, 2020

Highway noise barriers are mostly used to reduce vehicle noise on both sides of the highway. More and more vehicles on the highway generate a lot of noise. Therefore, in order not to affect the days of neighboring people, the highway sound barrier was installed. The sound insulation of highway sound barrier is large: the uniform sound insulation is 37dB. The high sound absorption coefficient: the uniform sound absorption coefficient is 0.84. The weather resistance and durability of high-speed sound insulation wall

The product has water resistance, heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and will not cause a decline in function or abnormal quality due to changes in rain temperature. The length of the high-speed sound barrier can be processed according to demand. (The high-speed sound barrier is beautiful: a variety of colors and shapes can be selected to combine with the surrounding environment to form a beautiful landscape.

However, when the road noise barrier is exposed to corrosive substances such as acid rain, it is necessary to adopt treatment methods in time, such as flushing with clean water. Reduce the impact of objects with high impact, avoid deformation and affect the beauty and service life!

For the characteristics of noise management in the chemical industry, it is more difficult to use conventional methods of sound insulation, sound absorption, sound attenuation, vibration isolation, damping and vibration damping to control, and the use of sound barriers in the noise transmission channels to make the sensitive points in the sound barrier The sound and shadow area has become one of the primary technical measures for noise reduction in the chemical industry.

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