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Round hole mesh

May. 28, 2020

Preparation of round hole net: stamped.

Material of round hole punching net: usually made of galvanized steel plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, nickel plate and alloy plate. It is punched by a die through a punching machine. The product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, strong integrity, uniform mesh hole, smooth mesh surface, easy processing and low cost.

Round hole punching net arrangement: straight row, staggered arrangement (60-degree angle arrangement, 45-degree angle arrangement)

The specifications of the round hole net: the thickness of the rolled plate is 0.2mm-1mm, the length is 1m-20m, the aperture is 0.8mm-10mm; the thickness of the flat plate is 0.3mm-10mm, the size is 1.53m, and the aperture is 0.8mm-100mm.

The characteristics of the round hole punching net: stamped; its performance is resistant to bending, anti-aging, not easy to rust, and has a wide range of uses; the net surface is smooth, smooth, durable. The punching net is made of metal sheet as the raw material and punched by punching machinery. The punching net is a widely used product in the market.

The purpose of the round hole mesh: the round hole mesh is usually used in the production of speakers for electrical products, as well as the protective cover and ventilation hood for the protection of small equipment, the original silencer system, the filtering of the filter core in the shield and furniture, and the exhibition stand production and decoration. It is also used in construction engineering, food processing, petrochemical industry, etc. The hole pattern includes round hole, square hole, oblong hole, flower hole and various combined hole patterns. Among them, the round mesh is the most common application. We can produce punching mesh with different specifications in the form of rolls or sheets and can provide a series of complete subsequent processing services.

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