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Heavy shelves

Product ID: 1254567
Material: Galvanized + sprayed
Color: white, blue
Uses: supermarket, warehousing, logistics

Product Description

Product Description

Beam racks, also known as heavy-duty racks, are the most common in various domestic storage rack systems. The shelf is made of cold-rolled special-shaped steel, the surface of the column is punched, and the beam is formed by connecting the welding beam with the hanging beam. The pallet is generally used to replace the laminate to facilitate the handling of the forklift. The surface is sprayed with static electricity. , Plug-in combination, without screws and welding, assembly is very convenient. Size can be customized, make full use of the upper space of the warehouse, improve storage capacity, can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

The shelf design must first carry out the unitization work of the container, that is, the packaging of the cargo and its weight and other characteristics are grouped to determine the type, specification and size of the pallet, and the weight and height of the single tray (the weight of the single tray is generally within 2000KG) Then, determine the span, depth, and layer spacing of the unit cargo, and determine the height of the shelf according to the effective height of the bottom edge of the warehouse shelf and the maximum fork height of the forklift. The unit shelf span is generally within 4m, the depth is within 1.5m, the shelf height of low and high warehouses is generally within 12m, and the shelf height of ultra-high warehouses is generally within 30m (such warehouses are basically automated warehouses, and the total shelf height is composed of several sections Columns within 12m).

In such warehouses, low and high warehouses are mostly accessed by fully electric stackers, forward-moving battery forklifts, counterweight battery forklifts, etc., and ultra-high warehouses are accessed by stackers. 

This kind of shelf system has high space utilization rate, flexible and convenient access, and is supplemented by computer management or control. It is suitable for many varieties of small batch items and small varieties of large batch items. 

This type of shelf is most used in high-level warehouses and ultra-high-level warehouses (mostly such shelves in automated warehouses).

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